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Topped by Adrian

Another fresh week and time to check out another new and hot gay spanking update here. Of course we’ve got more all new and all fresh gay studs to see in action and there’s no way that you can pass up the chance to see this one unfold either everyone. We know just how much you adore seeing these subs getting utterly dominated and played with in every way that the doms want to and you know that every week has some pretty wild and kinky scenes to see with these guys getting punished. Well, sit back and prepare yourselves as you are about to see another jock getting his cock and ass stretched and teased throughout the show!


So yes, you do get to see this guy tied up and fucked like many of the others and as you will see, he quite enjoys it by the end as well. First order of business likes always is to tie the guy up and make sure that he’s nice and restrained and then you can see his cock getting jerked in that very compromising position. And it looks like he enjoyed that quite a lot as well. Well either way, after they’re done with the little bit, you can see the dildo on a rod come out and you get to see that white tight ass getting plowed nice and deep by a big and hard dildo as well. Anyway, enjoy the view and see you all next week with another show!

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