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Tennis Prodigy Tricked

Hey there guys. Welcome back to a brand new and fresh gay spanking this afternoon too. We know what you like to see and you can rest assured that there’s more of it to experience here this fine day. In this scene we have a soccer player that gets to be disobedient in practice so the coach calls him to the lockers while the rest have a mock up game. He’s going to get some punishment for his stepping out of line, but as you will see, that was actually his intention. He just loves it when the manager and coach rough him up and fuck him hard and he got just that this afternoon as well it seems. So let’s get to see him play!


As soon as they are all alone, the coach and the manager whip out the ropes and they are all ready to teach him a lesson. By the way they know he’s doing this intentionally too, and they always go with it as it always motivates the guy to play really good and he’s also the star player in the whole team as well. Anyway, as soon as he’s in he gets tied up and prepared for a nice and rough fuck and you can see them undressing the guy. While he gets to have his gay spanking for a nice and long while, watch as he sucks one of the dudes’ cocks too. It’s pretty amazing and we’re sure that you will enjoy the play session as well. See you next week guys!

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