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Social Disturbance

Another fresh week and time to check out another new gay spanking this afternoon. Well, you know that you came to the right place if you want to see some pretty intense gay BDSM sessions. We aim to make this your go to place when you want to see some of that and this scene right here is a truly glorious addition to the collection. Mostly because you get to see an exotic stud for a change getting to be on the receiving end and as you can see, he’s one chocolate hunk that looks drop dead gorgeous as well. So let’s get right to the action and watch him getting to take his time to be on the receiving end of these dildos for the afternoon here!


Well, the cameras roll and the guy gets to greet you already wearing some nice and sexy S&M clothes to begin with. He gets to have his mouth gagged first and then his body restrained by ropes and at this point the dom shows him the big dildo that he’ll be taking in his ass for the afternoon. He was a bit excited too granted, as he never got to take such a big one deep before. Well either way, watch the guy getting his body teased first and foremost and then watch him try to moan as he gets to have the sex toy shoved deep in that round black ass of his today. Either way, let’s take the time to enjoy the gay spanking scene and we’ll be back soon with more for you!

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Gay Spanking – Crawling Naked

Hey there guys and gals. You’re back at just the right time to get to check out some pretty intense gay spanking scenes once again. You know that we always aim to bring you the best of the best gay fuck sessions that feature plenty of S&M play as well and you can find lots of hot guys being made submissive by the doms and punished and toyed with throughout their scenes. In this new show you can see this cute blonde hunk getting his time to have to be tied up and do every bidding of the guys and they have lots and lots of kinky fun together. So let’s get the show going and watch this guy getting humiliated on cam for you shall we?

So anyway, like we were saying, the guy is going to be made into a submissive man slut especially for this afternoon and you get to see it all happen as well. Watch closely and see the guy getting to be leashed and have his hands tied up to begin with. Then he gets to be made to suck some cock as well. Watch him lead around by the leash today and see him toyed with for the whole duration. To end the whole show on a glorious note you can see him getting a jizz load blown into his mouth as well at the end. Either way we think you’ll just adore the whole thing and we’ll return soon as always with more new content for you all!


Watch here this jock getting chained and pounded!

Relentless Bondage

Well here we are again and you’d better be ready to get to see some pretty intense gay spanking scenes this afternoon. We know that you all love to see your rough bondage sessions with these studs and rest assured that you came to the right place for the afternoon in order to check out a pretty sexy and amazing new BDSM session with this gay stud here. He never got to try this thing before but he felt compelled to do it at least once to try it. And by the looks of it, it seems that he’s quite eager to get to have some fun before anything else too. Well let’s get right to the action and watch the guy squirm for everyone to see and you can enjoy this amazing gay spanking show.


Well you’ve been here long enough to know how this will go anyway. To begin with you;ll get to see that sexy body of his teased to no end until he gets rock hard and begs the doms to let him cum. But that’s only the start. Then he gets tied up even more securely and while getting his ass shipped, you can see candles dripping wax all over his dick too giving him pain and pleasure at the same time.  And to top it all off of course, you will be watching the guy taking it anally from a dildo on a pole as well. So do check out the whole thing and see you all next time with another new and fresh update. We bet you’ll adore it too!

Check out this guy receiving a rough treatment!

Gay Spanking – Cock Serving Bitch

You came at just the right time to check out a brand new gay spanking scene here with another new and hot guy that gets to be in the middle of a naughty and sensual scene today too. He is quite eager to get to have some nasty fun and the doms that you usually get to see around this place had this whole afternoon planned for him to enjoy too. Well you do know that it involves lots of tying up and spanking as usual and be sure that you are going to see more of that here today. So let’s not waste time and get this thing going already to get to see the whole thing go down without delay. We bet you want to see this guy serving cock as well this day!

Anyway, getting to take the role as the man slut as we mentioned, the guy gets tied up as soon as the scene begins. And while the other two studs are getting touchy feely with his nice body you can see this stud moan in pleasure at the whole thing too. Watch that ass getting a nice spanking until it’s nice and red and after that you can see a nice and big dildo on a stick getting used to penetrate his cute butt. And in the meantime you can check the guy out getting around to sucking some sweet sweet cock without delay too. Enjoy this nasty scene with him and see you all next week with another new and fresh update too!


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Male Pleasure

Another fresh week and time for another gay spanking update where you get to see some more straight guys getting in the middle of some gay action with our experts. This new guy here gets to have the full course as it were as he gets to have the other two guys get all over him and play with his body throughout the whole amazing scene here today. So anyway, just sit back and relax as this scene is one to truly enjoy without delay. We know that you enjoy seeing these guys enjoy S&M play and the spanking that’s about to go down in this one is most definitely a must see for the afternoon. Anyway, let’s get to watch this guy getting teased shall we?


Well of course, first order of business is the stud getting himself tied up nicely and teased some more by the other guys. Then he gets gagged as well and to finish it all off, he gets fucked nice and hard too. So once he is all done with the gagging and tying up, you just need to sit back and relax while you can watch the sexy teasing commence. And naturally, that gets the stud nice and hard. See him fucked in the ass and having his cock stroked as well at the same time and you can even see him shoot a nice and big load all over the place too to end it all. We’ll be right here for you with some more new and fresh updates as well so make sure that you drop by to check them all out everyone!

Check out this guy getting tied, gagged and fucked!

Gay Spanking – Choked and Fucked

Hey there again and welcome to this week’s all new gay spanking scene. As always, you know full well what to expect to see in this one and we’re sure that it will be quite entertaining to check this one out for sure. The stud that gets to be seen in this one is going to be getting his cute ass plowed while he’s all tied up nicely to some metal things and the older guy that you have seen here in the past is going to be giving his cute little ass the plowing too. So let’s get this show going here today with lots of gay spanking going down too and you can check out the hoodie guy as he gets to take it from the rear nice and deep today as he moans in pleasure!

So as it all starts off, you get to watch the guy making his entry and as you will see, that pretty soon all clothed he gets tied up like we mentioned. Well the other guy is getting to undress him now and by that we mean more or less cutting his clothe sup to reveal pretty much his whole sexy bod to you all. And of course he can’t help but touch the guy all over and tease him before anything else as well which makes this even hotter now that you can see it. And eventually the guy goes behind and plants his thick cock in his ass, and starts to fuck him wildly up the butt for the rest of this show. We’ll see you again soon enough with more!


Check out this guy getting choked and fucked!

Made to Cum

Today we have another amazingly good treat for you with the gay spanking scene that we bring you. And there’s no way that you can pass this up if you want to see some more juicy gay action go down without delay here. The main attraction in this one is a college stud that gets to play with two older men that are into BDSM and he’s going to be learning a lot today from them. Well you know that they are S&M experts and they manage to always make the best things happen too. So either way, let’s sit back and enjoy a show with gay spanking and another new guy that gets to have his sexy naked body punished by other guys for the whole afternoon here!


Of course, the first order of business for all of them is to get to undress the guy. And you get to watch the two older guys touch the guy all over as they enjoy his sexy curves. And even before he knows it, he’s all nude and having his cock and ass teased by the other two. But first before anything else, you need to see him getting his feet whipped as he squirms in both pleasure and some pain. And of course after being a good sport with all of that, you get to watch as the other two guys will take turns to get to fuck him in the ass as well today. We hope that, you’ll enjoy the show and we’ll see you again soon with some more all new content!

Take a look at this guy getting tied and canned!

Gay Spanking – Aversion Therapy

Hey there again everyone. It’s time once more to see new and superb gay spanking scenes with guys getting some punishment before some nice and rough fucking too, and you just have to see this one unfold for sure too. There’s this bald guy as the dom and we’re sure that once you see him he needs no introduction, being as famous as he his. But he gets to have some proper fun with this other guy for the afternoon and he plans to use a lot of ropes and other things to toy around with the guy and tease him throughout the whole thing. So anyway, let’s get right to it and watch the sex slave getting punished and then fucked today too!

First order of business is to tie up the naughty guy with lots of ropes and make sure that his movements are very very limited as well. You don’t want him getting out of his binds. Then the guy starts to tease his feet as he gets touchy feely with his ass and balls, and soon you can even see him playing with the guy’s cock as well. But of course, the best part of this is when you get to see the dom whip out the big white dildo and you can watch him starting to fuck the guy nice and deep in the ass for the rest of this amazing scene here today too. And he carries on until he gives the guy and orgasm, making him shoot his load all tied up!


Check out this guy getting tied and punished!

Leashed Bull

You’ve come back just in time to get to see some more gay spanking action this afternoon with another one of those superb and sexy gay studs that is just too eager to get down and dirty today. And the title works pretty perfectly to what’s going down in this one as you get to see one hot muscled hunk getting tied up nicely and then having that ass punished before getting to take a nice and thick cock up his ass for the rest of this glorious show here. So let’s not waste time as we bet that you want to see these two play as well without delay this afternoon. So with that being said, let’s get on with it and watch the gay fuck session commence already!


Well first and foremost, our bound stud here was very very naughty today so naturally you get to see him getting a good spanking and whipping and moaning as his ass gets bright red from that. But after that little bit of pain some pleasure is down to be received too, so watch as the guy gets laid on his back and with his legs nicely up in the air, you can check him out getting that ass stuffed missionary style as well. Do take your time to enjoy this gorgeous scene and we’ll see you all again soon enough. There will be even more juicy gay spanking scenes to check out rest assured that who knows, maybe you’ll see these two play in them as well. Bye!

Take a look at this jock getting his ass slammed!

Gay Spanking – Adrian Fucks Toby

Well here we are with a brand new and fresh gay spanking scene this week and another new and fresh scene for you. You can bet that you get to see your favorite gay studs enjoying some more nice and hard dicks up their asses and you just have to stop on by to check it out here today. Anyway, the two guys featured in this scene are Adrian and Toby and they know how to show off some pretty neato and sensual scenes as well. Sit back and relax as you get to see Toby on the receiving end in this afternoon while Adrian gets to do what ever he wants to the guy. And as you acn see in the preview, it’s some intense ass and mouth fucking too!

But Adrian wasn’t alone at it either. He had this nice fucking machine as well and you can bet that he was going to use that as well. Watch him put it to use on Toby’s nice and tight ass letting the apparatus fuck him missionary style nice and deep, while he gets his dick wet in Toby’s mouth, having the guy give him some pretty intense oral action this afternoon. We’ll be seeing you all next week with a brand new scene, so make sure that you get to check this one out fully before then. We bet that you will just adore watching the two guys getting down and dirty with each other and just fucking hard all over the place too. See you all soon!


Take a look at guy getting tied and fucked!